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Spotlight on a Donor: Virginia Sobol



Board Member, Emily Kane-Lee with Virginia Sobol at RHAP’s 10 year anniversary event

As a life-long feminist, Virginia Sobol has always supported reproductive rights, but working full-time throughout her career in marketing and corporate communications, she had very little time to pursue this passion. Then in 2012, she decided to work part-time, consulting for small real estate firms. This opened up a lot more time to focus on social advocacy work.

Virginia first joined RHAP as a volunteer on the “V to Shining V” 10-year anniversary event committee. She was very impressed by the organization as well as the other volunteers. As Virginia explains, “This was a really positive experience since I was able to be involved and apply my professional skills in a meaningful way. As a volunteer, I was also able to see firsthand how well-run RHAP is. You can really see the results and they get so much done on a limited budget. This is really what inspired me to become a donor.”

In addition, Virginia says having a 17-year-old daughter motivates her to support the Reproductive Health Access Project. “As a mother, this is something that you have to be concerned about. Seeing women’s reproductive rights in the United States being chipped away reminded me that I should be involved. I want to make sure my daughter has access to all the services she might need. I know my donations to RHAP—and particularly, its fellowship program—make a big impact and help ensure that more women have access to the basic reproductive health care they deserve.”

We are so grateful to Virginia for her support of the Reproductive Health Access Project both as a volunteer and now as a valued donor.


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