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Spotlight on a Donor: Doris Quintanilla


“I was born into a family of activists – I am the daughter of an albino war refugee from El Salvador and an indigenous mother with a 4th grade educationI learned at a very early age that the community came first and sacrificing for the greater good wasn’t the exception but the norm. I also learned that an education, integrity, and representation matter. Whenever and wherever you are, always support those in need. That is what it means to be human. That mentality as well as my work in community health education for almost a decade, has kept me motivated to volunteer my time, chose the battles I want to fight, and dedicate the time necessary to effect change.”

Doris Quintanilla is a strong believer in community-led development.  She has chosen to work for and supports organizations that focus on the power of community because they create change by utilizing the skills and motivation of their people to build and organize movements. Doris believes that the Reproductive Health Access Project is one of those organizations and she supports our mission in DC!

“I was fortunate enough to work with a RHAP fellow in my current position of Education Program Manager. I was able to see firsthand how well trained, informed, and committed to health equity and justice RHAP fellows are. At the same time, I learned that a former colleague and friend, Emily Kane-Lee, not only supported the work of RHAP, she was also on their board of directors. In our conversation about the new administration and women’s reproductive choice, I quickly realized how much “smaller” organizations are impacting the work which is just as important as the work being done by the big name organizations.” Doris quickly understood the need for advocacy and how important small, nimble organizations like RHAP are in these times, and knew she wanted to be involved.

Doris became an ambassador for RHAP with the goal of not only fundraising but to also bring awareness to the work we do across the country. “For such a small organization, RHAP makes a large impact and truly works to embody their mission, vision, and values.” She believes it’s imperative that we not only address the health needs of patients but that we do so in a culturally competent and respectable way. “As an ambassador, my goal is to bring awareness to the important work that RHAP does, increase its impact throughout the East Coast, and, of course, to fundraise.”

On a mission to educate, empower, mentor, and effect change in the lives of women – especially women of color – Doris is on her way to empower mission driven organizations. We are so thankful for Doris’s commitment to expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care by using her skills and passion. If you’d like to learn about how to become an ambassador for RHAP, please contact Rosanna Montilla-Payano at

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