Reproductive Health Access Project

Reproductive Health Access Project

Mar 20

Women’s History Month

Since its establishment in 1987, Women’s History Month has been celebrated to honor achievements that women have contributed to American popular culture, politics, art, and other aspects of American history. In the second chapter of our yearlong reproductive justice campaign, the Reproductive Health Access Project is excited to highlight visible women who are change-makers and…

Mar 13

Focus on a Cluster: Maine

When Dr. Kohar Der Simonian moved to Maine from the Bay Area a few years ago, she found that she missed the organized, tight-knit community of reproductive health care providers and advocates back in California. While clinicians and advocates across Maine have always provided and advocated for reproductive health care, they face different challenges than…

Feb 28

Black History Month: Pauli Murray

Pauli Murray’s exemplary career as a civil rights lawyer began with a seat on a bus in the whites-only section and a subsequent arrest. The experience of being arrested drove her to begin work with the Workers’ Defense League, which propelled her dream of law school, resulting in a law degree from Howard University, a…

Feb 21

Black History Month: Florynce Kennedy

A cowboy hat, pink sunglasses and fake eyelashes…those were the trademark accessories for Florynce Kennedy, a woman who was recognized equally by her staple uniform as she was by her activism. Growing up in Missouri during a time when the Ku Klux Klan was locally operating, she was no stranger to local prejudice and her…

Jan 30

Focus on a Network Cluster: Idaho

2017 was a busy year for the Reproductive Health Access Network, with 11 new Clusters meeting for the first time (in addition to our 7 previous Clusters!). In recognition of the efforts of the Cluster leaders and members, we will highlight different Clusters throughout 2018, starting with Idaho. RHAP’s Idaho Cluster, led by Sarah, a…

Jan 24

Running for RHAP: Katie Neimeyer

Katie Neimeyer is one of five RHAP supporters running for RHAP in the 2018 United Airlines NYC Half-Marathon.  Learn more about Katie and why she is running for RHAP. -Tell us a little bit about yourself I moved to NYC the summer of 2016 after receiving my Bachelor’s degree earlier that spring. I grew up in…