The 2014 midterm elections on November 4, 2014 are going to have a big impact on access to reproductive health care in the United States. Now that you’ve registered to vote, it’s time to educate yourself and figure out where your candidates stand on issues important to you. Check out the resources below to learn about the representatives up for election in your area!


Historically, voter turnout for midterm elections is much lower than turnout during presidential election years.

Voter Participation Chart

The 2014 midterm elections are critically important. This November:

•  36 states will be electing governors, the largest turnover in 60 years.

•  All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for election.

•  33 seats in the Senate are up for election.


Your representatives have the power to write, pass and enact laws that directly impact access to contraception and abortion care. In 2013 states passed 141 provisions about reproductive health, 70 specifically restricting access to abortion.

Too much is at risk in the 2014 midterms to let our voices go unheard.

Fill out your absentee ballot or get ready to head to the polls on November 4th!


Reproductive Justice Ballot Initiatives

On November 4th, 3 states will be voting on ballot measures that severly limit access to abortion care. Visit RHAP’s blog for a more in depth look at these ballot initiatives.

Colorado voters will vote on Amendment 67, which would define “pregnancies” as “personhood” under the Colorado Criminal Code.
Find out more >

Tennessee’s Amendment 1 would grant state officials the power to make decisions around abortion laws without the involvement of their constituents.
Find out more >

North Dakota is voting on a very troubling “Life Begins at Conception” amendment that would outlaw abortion and seriously restrict reproductive health in the state.
Find out more >


Learn about the Issues

National Pro-Choice Voter Guides

NARAL Pro-Choice Voter Guide & Endorsed Candidates
As always, the folks over at NARAL have provided us with information on their endorsed, pro-choice candidates this mid-term election. Take a look at their list and be sure to check out the resources for NARAL affiliates in your own state.

Planned Parenthood Action Voter Guide
Very easy to use! Just type in your zip code and you’ll find a customized voter guide for your district, including Planned Parenthood Action endorsed candidates. For more details, you can click on the races to read the breakdown of the candidates’ past actions regarding reproductive rights.

National Nonpartisan Voter Resources

The Ballot
Look up full ballots for your state.

Voting In Your State: Non-Profit Vote makes getting your voting information that much easier! Use this clickable map for information on registering to vote, absentee ballots/voting by mail, Election Day protocols, resources on the candidates, and much more!

Project Vote Smart
Enter a politician’s name or your zip code to get “Just the Facts” on candidates and where they stand on issues.
Use this site to find your polling place, get general election information and build your own ballot. The voter guides allow you to make side-by-side comparisons of candidates’ positions. Print the personalized ballot and bring it with you on Election Day! Resources are also offered for voters overseas and in the military.

State-by-State Voting Resources

Search for voting resources by state  >

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