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Pro-choice Posters

American Civil Liberties Union
“Pro Choice is…” Poster that demonstrates a positive message. The ACLU equates the right to choose with equality, reproductive freedom, and women’s health care.

Feminist Women’s Health Center
Two posters:
“Mi vida – Mi cuerpo – Mi decisión”
Rebecca Walker’s supportive message to women: (in English and Spanish) “Today you are going to have a safe legal abortion.”

Guttmacher Institute
“An Overview of Abortion in the United States Media Kit.” This fact sheet provides an extensive list of statistical information regarding abortion in the U.S.

Multiple abortion fact sheets are provided on NARAL Pro Choice America’s website.

Planned Parenthood
“The abortion pill – questions & answers.” A comprehensive pamphlet which is offered in both English and Spanish.

Prochoice Public Education Project
Posters geared towards African American and Latina women, campus handouts, outdoor posters, and subway and metro ads.

Insights into Abortion and Miscarriage Care

This bi-monthly clinical e-newsletter highlights evidenced-based best practices in abortion and miscarriage care

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