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Fellowships & Training

The Reproductive Health Access Project has several fellowship and training programs designed specifically for primary care physicians.


fellowshipThe Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellowship is a one-year fellowship that aims to develop leaders who will promote and teach full-spectrum reproductive health care within family medicine.  We currently have fellowship openings in New York and Massachusetts.



MCIThe Miscarriage Care Initiative offers primary care clinicians intensive support to incorporate all three early pregnancy loss treatment options into their practice and teaching program.  Current Miscarriage Care Initiative participants are practicing and teaching in California, Illinois, Michigan and Montana.



hrhtcThe Hands-on Reproductive Health Training Center is a pilot project that provides primary care clinicians with training to competency in IUD and contraceptive implant insertion and removal.




gapsThe Gaps Fellowship provides family physicians and other primary care clinicians with intensive support to integrate abortion into their clinical practice and fill gaps in abortion access.




whfc The Women’s Health Free Clinic Project integrates comprehensive reproductive health care into student-run free clinics, thus expanding access to reproductive health care to the uninsured while training the next generation of clinicians in evidence based, patient-centered reproductive health care.  Access the Women’s Health Free Clinic Toolkit here.



Other Fellowship and Training Opportunities

Family Planning Fellowship: Provides physicians with the opportunity to develop high-level research and clinical skills in contraception and abortion.

Maternal and Child Health Fellowship at the University of New Mexico: A two-year fellowship for family physicians focused on maternal and infant care.

Medical Students for Choice: Offers resources and support for medical students and residents interested in abortion training.

Midwest Access Project: Provides medical students, residents and health care providers with reproductive health training through a network of providers in and around Chicago.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains: Offers abortion training opportunities.

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