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Become a Patient Education Field Tester. 

Are you interested in helping RHAP improve our patient education resources? RHAP is looking for field testers!  The role we expect from field testers is to make sure the translations we provide 1) accurately convey information in a way that is easy to understand and culturally appropriate, and 2) reflect RHAP’s values of evidence-based practice, intersectionality, patient-centeredness, and purposeful inclusion. We are looking for field testers with fluency in reading and writing Arabic, Chinese Simplified/Traditional, French, Hindi, Spanish, Vietnamese, or any other language. Field Testers receive a $100 honorarium for each resource they help to field test. If you are interested in helping RHAP field test some of our resources, please reach out to

Are you a clinician? Join our Reproductive Health Access Network

Other ways to support our work

  • Talk about and share our patient education resources (especially our zines and self-managed abortion resources!) on social media so your community can access evidence-based, person-centered information on reproductive health care. 
  • Start a fundraiser on social media to raise money for RHAP! Help us train, mobilize, and support primary care clinicians to ensure equitable access to sexual and reproductive health care, especially abortion care. Email for support.
  • Stay connected through our socials! Check in with our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to get regular updates on all things RHAP.


Looking for ways to get more involved?  See below for some easy actions and advocacy opportunities. This page is being continually updated.  Email us at if you have something you think we should add.

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