Technical Assistance

Our Technical Assistance Team has experience working with a variety of primary care and other community-based health care providers, including Title X and 330 grantees, to help them integrate medication abortion and early pregnancy loss (EPL) care into their practices, and can tailor technical assistance and training to a site’s needs. We can provide you with:

  • Support in building a multidisciplinary change team to champion medication abortion and/or EPL implementation efforts
  • Recommendations for operational, administrative, and clinical best practices
  • Guidance in developing policies and procedures around clinical workflow, billing and coding, safety and security, and legal compliance
  • Experts to facilitate values clarification workshops, medication abortion trainings, early pregnancy loss workshops, and more
  • Resources like patient education materials, consent forms, and protocol and electronic health record (EHR) templates
  • Connections to trusted experts for legal advice or information, as well as brokers to obtain wrap-around malpractice coverage
  • Access to a community of clinicians who have also worked to integrate medication abortion care into their health centers

We can also provide training to support your site’s implementation of medication abortion and/or EPL care into practice:

  • Values Clarification: a workshop designed to assess staff attitudes and beliefs about abortion in a non-judgemental environment
  • Clinician training: a workshop designed for clinicians to learn more about medication abortion, including didactic portions and participatory case study exploration (CE credit available)
  • Support staff training: a workshop designed for support staff to learn how to counsel, triage, and support medication abortion patients, including didactic portions and participatory case study exploration

Please reach out to if you have any questions, or would like more information.

Project ACCESS (Abortion Care Clinical Expansion and Early Pregnancy Loss Support Series) is a program to expand access to comprehensive and high-quality sexual and reproductive health, including medication abortion and early pregnancy loss care, in primary care settings. We are currently running two programs: the National Virtual Learning Collaborative (VLC) and the New York State Medication Abortion and Early Pregnancy Loss Workgroup. Applications for the second cohort of the National VLC, which will run from Spring 2024-Spring 2025, are now closed.

National Virtual Learning Collaborative

We are currently recruiting for the second cohort of our National Virtual Learning Collaborative (VLC) to offer participating primary care organizations intensive and robust technical assistance and training. By the end of the VLC, we aim for participating sites to be able to provide medication management of EPL and medication abortion care, and/or be prepared to work through the next steps for changing practice. VLC participants will comprise of teams of champions at primary care sites who will meet monthly over Zoom for one year, with facilitators and colleagues across the country. Together, participants will identify shared needs and goals, develop workplans, track progress, and discuss strategies to overcome common barriers. Participating health centers will receive a stipend of $9,000 to use toward efforts to integrate medication abortion into practice.

Through this project, 10 organizations will receive technical support and coaching from experts within the RHAP community on integrating EPL and medication abortion care into practice. Broadly, this support includes: building buy-in for abortion care among leadership and staff, setting up appropriate clinical, financial, and administrative systems, developing policies and procedures, ensuring appropriate coding and billing, training staff in clinical and counseling topics, identifying community supports and resources (i.e. malpractice, accounting, billing, legal, etc), networking with a like-minded community, and more. 

Applications for the Project ACCESS VLC are now closed. If you would like to learn about other opportunities for technical assistance, please contact

Other Opportunities

If you are not ready to participate in the Project ACCESS VLC, but are still interested in integrating medication abortion into your health center, reach out to to discuss options, opportunities, and/or to ask any questions you might have. We are here to help!

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