Current Legislation: Illinois

Take action for and against local bills that affect the accessibility of reproductive health access in Illinois!

Find your state senate and assembly representatives to let them know what you think of these bills.

  • Support a bill that requires schools to provide information about the HPV vaccine to students entering sixth grade, as well as their parents.
  • Chicago has an ordinance called a “Bubble Zone” that provides patients with 8 feet of personal space when they are within 50 feet of a family planning clinic. Anti-choice protesters have filed a lawsuit against this ordinance; if they win, visitors to clinics will lose the autonomy that this physical safety gives them. Sign this petition to encourage your lawmakers to protect the safety of everyone who enters family planning clinics.
  • Speak out against HB 3210, which would set the limit for abortions at 20 weeks, except in the case of medical emergency.

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