Current Legislation: Massachusetts

Contact your Massachusetts representatives to encourage them to keep accessible reproductive health care a top priority.

  • Support the Healthy Youth Act. This bill ensures comprehensive sex ed in public schools, using a curriculum that is medically-accurate, comprehensive, and LGBTQ-inclusive. This bill has been passed by the senate but is still waiting to be passed by the house. 
  • Speak out in support of S 619, a bill that creates Medicare for all Massachusetts residents by utlizing a single-payer health care system.
  • Support a bill that repeals the requirement that abortions 13 weeks and later be performed in a hospital, repeals laws that criminalize miscarriage, contraception, and the advertising of both, and removes the word “married” from laws permitting the legal providing of information and care regarding contraception and conception.
    • This bill has been passed and signed into law by the governor. Thank you for all your support!

Information sourced from Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts and NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.


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