Current Legislation: New York

New York’s abortion law has not met constitutional standards for more than four decades. Support the passage of the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (S3668). This law will require that insurers offer contraceptive coverage without co-payment to all New Yorkers.

Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (S3668)

  • This act will require insurers to cover contraception without co-pay, allow for access to a year’s supply of contraception, and improve timely and affordable access to emergency contraception.

This act has passed NYS Assembly but not NYS Senate.

Find your NYS Senate Representative. Call their office and demand that they pass the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act. Use the script at the bottom of this webpage.

Find your NYS Assembly Member. See how they voted on the Contraceptive Coverage Act when it was in the Assembly. If they voted yes, call them and tell them thank you. If they voted no, tell them you’re disappointed with their decision.

Sourced from NYCLU.


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