Current Legislation: Pennsylvania

Let your Pennsylvania legislators know that you expect them to support reproductive health access for everyone. Contact your representatives here.

  • Speak out against Pennsylvania’s potential ban on dilation and excavation abortions, which are the most common form of second-trimester abortions in the US.
  • Voice your opposition to HB 2050, which prevents abortion based on the diagnosis or belief of Down Syndrome.
  • Speak out against SB 23, which would further restrict the use of commonwealth or federal funds for abortions.
  • Let your lawmakers know that you oppose the Conscientious Objection Act, which allows health care providers or institutions to refuse to perform practices (such as abortion) and refuse to give prescriptions for contraceptives or abortion drugs based on their moral or religious beliefs.
  • Support SB 210, which would repeal an act requiring abortion providers to follow the same requirements as ambulatory surgical facilities. 
  • Let your legislators know that you support the Freedom of Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities, which prohibits threats or use of force or obstruction that interfere with someone seeking reproductive health services, and prohibits property damage of reproductive health facilities. 
  • Speak out against HB 643, which would change the statute of limitations on abortion after 24 weeks to 5 years, thus further criminalizing abortion.


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