Current Legislation: Washington

Let your Washington State representatives know that you expect accessible reproductive health care! Contact your state senate and assembly members here.

  • Speak out against SB 5320, which requires parental notification in cases of abortion.
  • Encourage your lawmakers to speak out against a law that would require any fetal tissue that an abortion results in to be buried or cremated, rather than sold, donated, or transferred.
  • Speak out against The Washington Pain Capable Unborn Child Act, which criminalizes abortions after 20 weeks.
  • Voice your opposition to HB 1971, which states that only physicians may perform abortions. This limits other people who are licensed to perform abortions, such as physicians assistants and nurse practitioners, from doing so.
  • Urge your representatives to oppose a bill that requires parental notification at least 48 hours before an abortion and penalizes doctors who do not follow this rule.
  • Speak out against SB 6071, which requires abortion facilities to post a sign that says “This facility does not meet the health standards of an outpatient surgery center.”

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