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March | Access 


Abortion Provider Appreciation Postcard Mailing Party

March 10 is the National Day for the Appreciation of Abortion Providers. This day is observed every year to commemorate the death of David Gunn, MD, who was murdered by an anti-choice extremist in 1993. Throughout March, we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Gunn along with all the abortion providers who work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access to safe, affordable, and compassionate abortion care.

Abortion providers make it possible for people to make their own reproductive health care choices in a way that best aligns with their life goals. These providers are on the front line of the fight for equal access to abortion care for everyone. They are vital to our movement and we can’t thank them enough for all they do. We look forward to celebrating abortion providers all month long!

Postcard Party Packages include:

  • Postcards
  • RHAP swag
  • Where to send your letters of gratitude

Email Kallie McLoughlin if you are interested in hosting a mailing party.

 Social Media Action: 

  • On March 11th join RHAP’s tweetstorm of appreciation! We will begin tweeting at 1:00pm EST. Share your messages of appreciation with the hashtags #CelebrateAbortionProviders #RHAPvalues
  • Have friends who can’t make it to your mailing party? Share our form where RHAP is collecting messages that we will mail to providers and share on social media 


Danco Petition 

  • Sign and share this petition to increase access to medication management of abortion and miscarriage by loosening the unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone


Arts & Crafts Reading Hour

Suggested Readings:

Ready, Set, Collage!

After discussing some of the readings with friends, it’s time to get messy with arts and crafts. Gather some old magazines, paper, tape and you’re set to go!

  • Visually, what does a world where everyone has access to abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care with ease, dignity, and respect look like?

Social Media Action: 

  •  Share your collages on FB & Twitter with the hashtags #EnvisionReproHealthAccess #RHAPvalues and tag us @RHAP1. At the end of the month RHAP staff will select our top 2 collages and share your visions on our website!


April | Evidence-based Practice 


Fact Checking Your State and Federal Policies

Most days you can find a new policy being introduced or enacted that is meant to prevent people from accessing the reproductive health services they need, particularly abortion. These policies rarely reflect evidence-based best practices and are often meant to restrict access, stigmatize, and create fear. They are then discussed on news and in the media in ways that further perpetuate this misinformation.

We challenge you to call out these policies with #FactsNotFear! When you see someone post on social media about some of these stigmatizing policies, counter that narrative with one of the articles in the reading list or citing information from a trusted source like the Guttmacher Institute. Use the hashtag “FactsNotFear and tag us @RHAP1 – we’ll be featuring our fearless fact checkers all month on our social media!


Danco Petition

Sign and share this petition to increase access to medication management of abortion and miscarriage by loosening the unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone. These politically motivated restrictions are not based in scientific fact and only create more barriers to care.


Evidence-Based Book Club

Suggested Reading:


  • Why is it important to share Sam’s story?
  • How can stories based in evidence help combat stories that are meant to spread fear?
  • What’s one piece of misinformation that you’ve seen on social media/the news/etc. that Sam’s story could help combat?

Social Media Action:

  • Share out what you’re discussing as well as your favorite parts of the Sam’s Medication Abortion Zine in your Evidence-Based Book Club on FB & Twitter with the hashtag #RHAPvalues and tag us @RHAP1. We’ll be giving shout outs to fact-based fans all throughout April!

Contribute to the Cause

Help Us Distribute “Sam’s Medication Abortion

Our new zine will be a helpful tool to educate folks on medication abortion and help dismantle reproductive stigma. If you liked this story and the way we’ve shared this evidence-based information about medication abortion, help us develop more! In addition to sharing Sam’s story about their experience of medication abortion, we can work to tell stories around contraception and early pregnancy loss care, as well. Help us reach more people through this fun and educational learning tool by covering distribution and design costs for the zines. Your one-time gift or recurring donation will help spread the word about reproductive health care.  All donations, big or small, go a long way by making reproductive health care information available to everyone, everywhere!

Here’s how
$25 per month covers shipping and handling
$50 per month covers printing costs to distribute 50 books each month
$100 per month covers creation and graphic design needs


May | Patient-centered Care 


Host an “After Tiller” viewing event.

You can use this guide to lead an in-depth discussion of the film. Post a picture of your viewing party on your Twitter tagging us (@RHAP1) and including the #RHAPvalues tag!


Make a donation

Your gift allows us to train and support health care providers across the United States so they can offer patients compassionate and comprehensive care.


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