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Support the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act

A 2007 policy resolution asking the NYSAFP to affirm its existing policy on scope of practice, criminalization of medical practice, and the importance of safe legal abortion care, and to indicate their support for the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act in New York State.

Ensure Patient and Physician Confidentiality

A 2007 policy resolution to prevent the inadvertent violations of confidentiality that occur when health insurance explanations of benefits or medical bills are sent to the home. It allows adolescents and dependents to obtain confidential services without releases of their medical information to guardians.

Repeal the Hyde Amendment

A 2007 policy resolution urging the AAFP to engage in advocacy efforts to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortions.

Enhance Procedural Training in Family Medicine Residencies

A 2007 policy resolution requesting the AAFP to adopt the standardized list of procedures created by the STFM Group On Hospital Medicine and Procedural Training in an effort to improve procedural training in family medicine residency programs.

Oppose Criminalization of Medical Practice

A 2006 policy resolution to ensure that medical decision-making does not become a violation of state or federal laws and to ensure opposition to any legislation which gives the government the right to define appropriate medical practice.