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New Educational Resources on Natural Family Planning and Sterilization


We’ve just released two new birth control fact sheets covering  Natural Family Planning and Permanent Birth Control (Sterilization).

The Natural Family Planning (NFP) fact sheet lays out seven common methods of natural family planning, and compares them by efficacy. The sheet explains how each NFP method works and lists common pros and cons.

The Permanent Birth Control (Sterilization) fact sheet describes the different sterilization options for men and women. The sheet addresses how the sterilization procedures work, recovery time, efficacy, and average cost per method.


These were tricky to write. Not because we couldn’t get the information, but because the information was so technical.  We strive to  make all  our patient education materials easy to read and understand. Our goal is to make them readable at a 6th grade reading level. That means short sentences and few multi-syllabic words (like multi-syllabic!). Imagine the challenge to explain the Sympto-Thermal Method of natural family planning or describe tubal ligation or vasectomy! We worked hard to make the language clear and easy to understand and then field tested both fact sheets with clinicians and patients.

Like all our materials, these new fact sheets are available in English and Spanish and can be download for free from our website.

Let us know what you think and enjoy!

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