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October is Miscarriage Care Awareness Month


Miscarriage is so common, it should not be marginalized, and there are rarely times that ER care is needed… It shouldn’t feel like special treatment to be respected, to have your worries addressed, and to have your grieving acknowledged.”

As RHAP’s Medical Director Linda Prine wrote in a blog post last year, experiencing early pregnancy loss can be an emotional process for women and their families. It is our belief that everyone experiencing a miscarriage should be able to access high-quality, patient-centered miscarriage care within their own communities.

Approximately one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage, and there are several safe and effective treatment options available. Research has demonstrated that women achieve better health outcomes when they are engaged in a shared-decision making process. We believe that women, in conjunction with their health care provider, should be able to choose a treatment based on their unique needs and preferences.

RHAP is committed to improving access to all three forms of miscarriage care: expectant, medication management, and uterine aspiration. Through our research, clinical resources, and the Miscarriage Care Initiative, we work closely with family physicians and other primary care providers to ensure that they have the tools and resources to offer all three options to their patients.

At RHAP, we want to make sure that all providers and patients stay informed and up-to-date on managing early pregnancy loss. Please take a moment to check out our miscarriage management resources.

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