New Miscarriage Care Materials


mci-sheets-webWe just released three new miscarriage care fact sheets that provide in depth information on the different treatment options available to patients experiencing a miscarriage. These miscarriage treatment options are listed below and the fact sheets are available for free download on our website.

The Miscarriage Treatment: Medication sheet outlines the procedures, safety concerns, and other questions a patient may have when taking misoprostol, a pill that has a variety of uses, including medical management of a miscarriage.

Miscarriage Treatment: Letting Nature Take Its Course goes into the same amount of detail as the medication miscarriage sheet about safety concerns, the process of this treatment, and other questions that may arise about a natural miscarriage.

Miscarriage Treatment: Procedure sheet provides information on how you can manage your pregnancy loss if medication or expectant management (letting nature take its course) is not the best choice for you.

Deciding the best way to manage a miscarriage is a personal choice.  We hope our fact sheets will help clinicians and their patients make educated, informed health decisions.

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