Carol’s Story


For most of my life, I have worked in the financial industry and seen first hand how many women experience lower pay levels, workplace harassment, and inadequate health care. It sometimes seems like women are treated like second-class citizens–especially when it comes to their reproductive health care. Everyone should be able to thrive in both their work and personal lives, and health care is such a vital part of that.

I believe the lack of access to health care is an injustice. When I learned about RHAP’s work, I felt compelled to give because of its clear and important mission. RHAP is building a national community of clinicians to integrate comprehensive reproductive health care into primary care all across the country. To me, this is a powerful initiative. Access to quality reproductive health care should be readily available to all. Primary care providers are oftentimes the easiest route to access care for basic ailments such as a cold or getting a physical, so why shouldn’t they also be trained in reproductive health care so that can provide better patient care? I agree that reproductive health care is also basic health care and should be accessible through primary care providers.

It always makes me feel good to give to a cause that’s doing important work to reduce barriers for women and empower them to have full control over their bodies and their reproductive health decisions. RHAP’s commitment to increase access to reproductive health care services is especially critical in today’s political climate with all the recent restrictions by so many states, especially in the south and midwest.

As a monthly donor, I’m trying to give RHAP baseline support to accomplish its mission to increase access to safe and accessible reproductive health care. Monthly donations help provide RHAP financial stability to support programs such as training more clinicians in abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care. It also gives me, as a donor, the opportunity to make a difference and create a long-term impact by helping expand access to comprehensive reproductive health care for all. 

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As an Access Champion, you are mainstreaming abortion, contraception, and early pregnancy loss care every year by helping RHAP educate more clinicians on these topics. Your donation of $250/month provides a clinician with 6 days of intensive hands-on training in IUD and contraceptive implant insertion and removal

As an Access Ally, you are increasing access to reproductive health care every year by helping RHAP train more clinicians. Your donation of $100/month will train 20 clinicians to provide medication abortion.

As an Access Advocate, you are empowering more patients to be in control of their reproductive health every year by helping RHAP develop more patient education materials. Your donation of $25/month translates RHAP’s most used patient education materials into another language.  

In gratitude,

Carol Holley

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