Susan’s Story


As a family doctor, reproductive health has always been an important area of my primary care practice. With that I’ve seen firsthand how misinformation and shame around reproductive health topics circulates, and how hard it is for patients to get accurate advice on reproductive health. I often use RHAP’s patient information tools with my patients to help them access accurate information.  Discussion with other clinicians in the RHAP community has helped me develop a language to use with patients that empowers, not shames, people to discuss and manage their reproductive health needs including abortion care. These are some reasons why I have been a long-time supporter of the Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP). I deeply believe in RHAP’s work. Being able to offer reproductive health services and provide abortion care is pivotal to my identity as a doctor and, more importantly, crucial to the health of my patients.  

The Reproductive Health Access Project offers immense and invaluable support to me and a growing community of doctor. RHAP’s support and its network of like-minded doctors have been critical to my professional development. I wish more primary care clinicians knew about RHAP so that they can feel more supported providing full scope reproductive health care. As of today, RHAP is training over 3,200 clinicians all over the United States to integrate abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care into their practice.

To keep up the momentum,  I feel that it is important to give RHAP baseline support each month and create more stability so that they can foster this supportive environment for clinicians to be able to provide abortion care. It is easy to set up a recurring donation with the automatic payment feature. It takes your mind off your donation, while you are making a difference. I encourage you all to join me in The Access Circle today and help RHAP continue this crucial work.

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As an Access Champion, you are mainstreaming abortion, contraception, and early pregnancy loss care every year by helping RHAP educate more clinicians on these topics. Your donation of $250/month provides a clinician with 6 days of intensive hands-on training in IUD and contraceptive implant insertion and removal.

As an Access Ally, you are increasing access to reproductive health care every year by helping RHAP train more clinicians. Your donation of $100/month will train 20 clinicians to provide medication abortion.

As an Access Advocate, you are empowering more patients to be in control of their reproductive health every year by helping RHAP develop more patient education materials. Your donation of $25/month translates RHAP’s most useful patient education materials into another language.  

In gratitude,

Dr. Susan Rubin

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