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Our Call to Action: VOTE

The Reproductive Health Access Project condemns the nomination and confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. Once again, the Trump Administration and Senate Republicans have put their own political priorities ahead of the rights and well-being of all Americans. Instead of focusing on critical COVID relief efforts, the Senate has illegitimately conducted a process that goes against the wishes of a majority of Americans, in the midst of a monumental Presidential election. The appointment of Judge Barrett to a seat previously occupied by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a fierce defender of justice and gender equity, highlights the injustice of leaving millions of Americans out of the decision of who the next Supreme Court nominee should be.

As an organization that supports primary care clinicians across the country to increase access to abortion, contraception, and early pregnancy loss care, we are especially alarmed by Judge Barrett’s record on abortion care and health care. In addition to her dissent to the Supreme Court’s most recent abortion case, June Medical Services v. Gee, Judge Barrett has repeatedly voted in favor of laws that restrict access to abortion care. Even more urgently, the Supreme Court is hearing California v. Texas on November 10th, a case that could completely undo the Affordable Care Act, just as the third wave of the coronavirus surges in the United States.

Access to abortion care and health care are under attack like never before, but we will not give up. Despite these dangerous setbacks, we are committed to continuing to fight for the right of every single person to access the reproductive health care they need safely, easily, affordably, with dignity, and without judgment.

The most immediate step we can all take is to vote in the 2020 Election. While voting for President is vital, it’s also critically important to participate in state and local elections. It’s also imperative that those of us who can vote, do vote, so we can stand up for our friends, families, and community members who are unable to.

Join us in creating a voting plan for yourself, and ensure that your loved ones have a plan as well.



Power to Decide: Voting Plan

Want to vote early? Find out how in your state.

Voting absentee or by mail? Here’s how to track your ballot.

What’s on your ballot? Find out here.

Forward Together: How to Vote Safely Guide



Colorado: Proposition 115 would ban abortion after 22 weeks gestation. Learn more here.

Louisiana: Amendment 1 is on the ballot, and would add language to the state constitution stating that there is no right to abortion or funding for abortion care. This would act as a trigger law, banning abortion care should Roe v. Wade fall.

Washington: Referendum 90 would require all public schools to provide sexual health education for all students (grades 6-12 at first, then K-5)

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