RHAP Responds to SCOTUS Abortion Ban Hearings

October 22, 2021

This afternoon, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review two lawsuits against Texas SB 8, the most restrictive ban on abortion care that we have ever seen. BUT, SCOTUS refused to block the law, allowing the ban  to remain in effect until at least oral arguments are heard on November 1. While we are relieved that the Court will be hearing these cases, we are devastated by the ongoing harm against pregnant Texans, their families, and their communities. 

Our hearts are also with the clinics and providers in Texas who, for the past 52 days, have been forced to turn away patients seeking abortion care. These clinicians have dedicated their lives to ensuring that patients can access critical health care. Denying clinicians the ability to provide patient-centered care is cruel and blatantly violates the patient-provider relationship. We also recognize the incredible work of abortion funds on the ground in Texas and surrounding states, who have been making sure that Texans can access abortion care. 

Pregnant Texans, their families, and their communities are continuing to experience untold harm every day that SB 8 – and other abortion bans – remain in place. SB 8 is one of over 100 cruel, unnecessary abortion bans enacted in 2021 alone, disproportionately impacting Black, Indigenous, People of Color, immigrant communities, rural communities, queer communities, and those working to make ends meet – communities that already experience barriers to accessing health care. This cannot stand. SB 8 also directly affects patients and providers in states that border Texas, including Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, and more. These states are experiencing an unprecedented number of patients seeking abortion care, straining clinics already over-burdened by abortion restrictions.  

The Reproductive Health Access Project supports primary care clinicians to provide comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion care. We remain unwavering in our belief that everyone, everywhere should be able to access full spectrum reproductive health care – including abortion, contraception, and early pregnancy loss care – in their own communities. 

Here’s what you can do now:

  • Demand that the Senate pass the Women’s Health Protection Act immediately and pass a budget free of the Hyde Amendment and other abortion coverage restrictions. Call or write a letter to your Senator now. 
  • Talk about abortion and SB8 with your family, friends, and communities. We must eliminate the stigma around abortion care, because abortion bans hurt everyone.
  • Read and share this link on how people in Texas can access abortion care.
  • Uplift on social media using these hashtags:  #AbortionIsEssential, #BansOffOurBodies, and #KeepOurClinics.
  • Donate to abortion funds in Texas and surrounding states.

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