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Press Release, June 2016

Reproductive Health Access Project Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt..

June 27, 2016 — We are overjoyed that the Supreme Court has determined that Texas law HB2 poses an undue burden for those seeking to exercise their constitutional right to an abortion.

Allowing abortion clinics in Texas to remain open and paving the way for others to offer these services will help ensure that Texas citizens are able to obtain the safe reproductive care they need and deserve.

Our clinicians in Texas have seen the daily effects of HB2’s clinic closings and waiting periods that forced people to travel hundreds of miles and to wait up to three to four weeks to obtain their abortions, often pushing early abortions into the second trimester.

We believe that reproductive health care is basic health care, and those seeking abortions should be able to obtain these services from their preferred provider without obstacles or delays.

This landmark 5-3 decision is a victory for the 5.4 million women of reproductive age in Texas, as well as everyone throughout the country, as the Court’s ruling sets a strong precedent for protecting and normalizing access to compassionate, comprehensive reproductive health care across the United States.

Today’s decision is a major milestone in dismantling the hundreds of medically unnecessary laws that block access to abortion, but the fight is far from over. The results of the November election will have a direct impact on reproductive access and provision for everyone. We want to make sure you have the information you need to make your decision. Please visit Vote 2016: Get the Facts to learn about local ballot initiatives affecting access to reproductive health care and find out where Presidential, House, and Senate candidates stand on the reproductive health issues.

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The Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) believes that reproductive health care is a central component of basic health care, and works directly with primary care providers to integrate abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care into their practices.




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