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The resources below were compiled to support the implementation of IUD and contraceptive implant services into primary care settings, including school-based health centers (SBHC).  Some of these resources were developed by the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Office of School Health (DOHMH-OSH) as part of a project to expand access to full spectrum contraception for all adolescents.

All protocols and policies in this section incorporate best practices in the provision of comprehensive contraceptive care.  All materials and resources developed by the DOHMH-OSH were successfully implemented in onsite SBHCs participating in the School-Based Health Center Reproductive Health Project.  Materials developed by the Reproductive Health Access Project have been field-tested in a wide variety of primary care settings.

As with the incorporation of any new clinical service, please review these materials in conjunction with your sponsor institution’s policies and procedures.


Site Readiness Checklist

Checklist with links to resources


Reproductive Justice & LARC Provision

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Statement of Principles by SisterSong and the National Women’s Health Network


Patient Education Materials

IUD Fact Sheet (Which IUD is right for me?)

Progestin Implant Fact Sheet

Copper IUD User Guide

Progestin IUD User Guide

Progestin Implant User Guide

IUD Consent Form

Progestin Implant Consent Form

IUD After Visit Information

Progestin Implant After Visit Information


Clinical Documentation/Procedure Notes

Sample IUD Insertion Procedure Note (DOHMH-OSH)

IUD Insertion Procedure Note (EPIC Template)

IUD Removal Procedure Note (EPIC Template)

Progestin Implant Insertion Procedure Note (EPIC Template)

Progestin Implant Removal Procedure Note (EPIC Template)


Sample Clinical Protocols

Sample Onsite IUD Protocol (DOHMH-OSH)

IUD Policy and Procedure

Progestin Implant Policy and Procedure



Coding for IUD insertion and removal

Coding for progestin implant insertion and removal



IUD insertion equipment and supply list


Low-Cost IUDs

Liletta Patient Savings Program

Mirena and Skyla IUD Patient Assistance Program (ARCH Foundation)

Kyleena IUD Co-pay Savings Program

Paragard IUD Patient Assistance Program


Other Helpful Resources


Beyond the Pill

Nexplanon Training  Clinicians need to be officially trained by a Merck Nexplanon trainer in order to provide the Nexplanon contraceptive implant.

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