Healthy Understanding of Our Bodies (HUB)

Sexual Health is a complex and important part of overall health and wellness. It connects with nearly all other areas of health in our lives, including physical health, mental health, emotional health, and relational health. Sexual Health affects how we develop relationships with others, how we think of ourselves, how we care for ourselves, and how we stay safe. Everyone is deserving of inclusive, accessible sexual health education that is free of shame and judgment. Youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities don’t always have access to sexual health education. With so many topics to cover, it can feel overwhelming for youth, caregivers and professionals to decide where to go for information. In this resource hub, you will find a collection of videos, learning tools, and webpages to help youth with disabilities and their supportive networks build a strong foundation for sexual health. You will also find information about Virginia organizations who are offering relationship and sex education for young people with IDD and national organizations who offer curriculums, trainings, and other resources.