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Mar 21

Contraceptive Pearl: Contraception for Patients With a Current or Prior History of Eating Disorders

Written by Sadia Contraception for patients with a current or prior history of eating disorders is similar to contraception for people without a history of eating disorders. Clinicians should first establish the extent of a patient’s eating disorder since there are several eating disorders with varying clinical manifestations. Commonly known eating disorders and their special…

Mar 06

Medication Abortion Care Resources: What the Pharmacy Community Should Know

Combining the expertise of organizations and individuals across the field, the Medication Abortion Pharmacy Advisory Group provides reliable information on legality, certification, dispensing, and best practices for Medication Abortion (Mifepristone and Misoprostol). This website was created with the assistance and guidance of: American Pharmacists Association (APhA), National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), The National…

Mar 06

Inclusive Sexual Health Services: Practical Guidelines for Providers & Clinics

Inclusive Sexual Health Services: Practical Guidelines for Providers & Clinics can help health care providers and clinical staff cultivate a clinical environment to deliver inclusive, patient-centered and accessible sexual health services. By using this assessment, providers and clinical staff can work toward: Implementing various trainings to equip staff with tools to serve their community Creating…

Mar 06

Telehealth for Reproductive Health Care

This presentation covers how clinics and clinicians can provide reproductive health care through telehealth and strategies to enhance patient-centeredness through virtual care. We encourage facilitators of this presentation to edit the contents as they see fit, depending on what seems most appropriate in your individual context.    

Feb 28

Insights: Misoprostol-only Medication Abortion

Written by Angeline Ti Since mifepristone became available in the US, the regimen for a medication abortion has generally involved a dose of mifepristone followed by one or more doses of misoprostol. Following the decision from the Supreme Court in Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization in the summer of 2022, the availability of mifepristone…

Feb 21

Contraceptive Pearl: Contraception For Patients with Disabilities: A Brief Introduction

Written by Liza Brecher Contraception for people with disabilities, including physical and cognitive disabilities, is similar to contraception for people without disabilities. Clinicians should discuss patient’s goals for pregnancy, parenting, and overall health to identify the contraceptive method that works best for each person. Most patients with disabilities are able to provide informed consent. Avoid…