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Inclusive Sexual Health Services: Practical Guidelines for Providers & Clinics

Inclusive Sexual Health Services: Practical Guidelines for Providers & Clinics can help health care providers and clinical staff cultivate a clinical environment to deliver inclusive, patient-centered and accessible sexual health services. By using this assessment, providers and clinical staff can work toward: Implementing various trainings to equip staff with tools to serve their community Creating…

Vasectomy User Guide

The Vasectomy user guide provides information about the vasectomy procedure. This sheet covers questions such as “How Does a Vasectomy Work?”, “How Well Does it Work?”, and “How Long Does it Take?”   Spanish, Chinese Traditional/Simplified, and Hindi: Updated October 2022 Reading Grade Level (Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level): 7.3

Post-Abortion Self-Care Card

This 4.25″ x 5.5″ card offers a holistic lens to counseling and provides patients with information on how to care for themselves during or after an abortion with a focus on time, space, support, nourishment, and mindfulness. The card also provides a music playlist featuring BIPOC artists and a “RAIN” meditation. Art by Priya Handa,…

Resources for Abortion Delivery (RAD)

RAD provides free legal compliance advice to eligible abortion providers in all U.S. states and territories through their Regulatory Assistance for Abortion Providers (RAAP) program on how to navigate restrictions and reduce the negative impacts of anti-abortion laws. Experts can help with questions about establishing or expanding services, complying with abortion-specific state laws, preparing for…

National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center

This website, developed by the Fenway Institute, contains an extensive library of learning modules, videos, webinars, and other resources to support health care organizations optimize quality, cost-effective, and dignified care for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and all sexual and gender minority (LGBTQIA+) people.  Link:  

Clinical practice handbook for safe abortion

This comprehensive reference, published by the World Health Organization, is a useful resource for clinicians in various settings to provide safe abortion care and to treat complications.  Link:

Protocol for Pregnancy of Unknown Location

This is a protocol to care for patients who have had an ultrasound without visualization of an intrauterine pregnancy and who have an indeterminate last menstrual period. For further guidance, read our Protocol for Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment.