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Initiating Hormonal Contraception

Most patients can safely begin using hormonal contraception at any point in their menstrual cycle. This article covers an evidence-based, flexible, patient-centered approach to initiating contraception promotes health and enhances patients’ reproductive autonomy. This article was published in American Family Physician in March 2021.  It is an update of an article originally published in 2006.…

Evaluation of the Miscarriage Care Initiative: A Program to Integrate Comprehensive Early Pregnancy Loss Management in Primary Care Settings

Srinivasulu S, Riker L, Maldonado L, Breitbart V. Evaluation of the miscarriage care initiative: a program to integrate comprehensive early pregnancy loss management in primary care settings. Fam Med. 2020;52(10):707-715. DOI: 10.22454/FamMed.2020.130959.    Managing early pregnancy loss (EPL) with expectant, medication, and manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) management in primary care is safe, effective, and acceptable, yet,…