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Approach to Patients Undergoing Self-managed Medication Abortion

This resource shares common questions and concerns clinicians may hear about self-managed abortion (SMA) and how you can answer patient questions and share important information. Some highlights include: “How do I know the pills are real?”, “What’s the best way to use the pills?”, and “Can anyone tell that I used these pills?”

Gender-Affirming Reproductive Health in Primary Care
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This presentation offers an overview for clinicians who would like to learn more about providing patients with gender-affirming reproductive health care in primary care. Includes a variety of cases to review with learners. If you are interested in CME credit, you can request a workshop. For more information visit our CE webpage.

Early Pregnancy Loss Care in NY Federally Qualified Health Centers

This brief report describes the provision of early pregnancy loss (EPL) management in New York State Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and barriers to providing this care. Office-based early pregnancy loss (EPL) care is safe and suitable to FQHCs, yet the prevalence of provision in FQHCs is unknown. We found that few New York FQHCs…

Clinic and Pharmacy Collaboration for Medication Abortion

A resource guide to help clinics and mail-order pharmacies collaborate to provide medication abortion care/prescriptions while the FDA is allowing exceptions to the REMS dispensing restrictions. Clinic and Pharmacy Collaboration for Medication Abortion Birth Control Pharmacist: Clinical Resources

Abortion Pills Comparison

This factsheet provides a simplified guide for comparing two popular medication methods for an abortion. The factsheet compares and contrasts using mifepristone and misoprostol versus using misoprostol alone. Get answers to questions such as: “How painful is it?”, “Can I still have children after?” and “What will happen?”

Guide to Phone Triage: After Hours Medication Abortion
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This guide can be used to train support staff on answering phone calls from patients undergoing a medication abortion. It provides scripts and answers to common questions asked by patients and notes situations when staff should transfer patient calls to a clinician.