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Barriers and Enablers to Early Pregnancy Loss Care

This publication describes the provision of early pregnancy loss (EPL) management and factors that inhibit or enable providing this care among family physicians trained in early abortion during residency. EPL is a common experience. Treatment options include expectant management, medication, and uterine aspiration. Although family physicians can offer comprehensive EPL treatment in their office-based settings, few actually do. We found that clinical training alone is insufficient to expand access to comprehensive EPL care in family medicine office-based settings. Supporting family physicians during and after residency with training and technical assistance to address barriers to care may strengthen their abilities to champion practice change and expand access to comprehensive EPL management options.


deFiebre G, Srinivasulu S, Maldonado L, Romero D, Prine L, Rubin SE. Barriers and Enablers to Family Physicians’ Provision of Early Pregnancy Loss Management in the United States. Womens Health Issues. 2021;31(1):57-64. doi:10.1016/j.whi.2020.07.003