Clinicians’ Perspectives on Mifepristone Regulations in Primary Care

This publication details an exploratory study of US primary care clinicians’ perspectives on the effects of mifepristone restrictions, including US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, on access to medication abortion and early pregnancy loss (EPL) management in primary care. Protocols including mifepristone are the most effective medication regimens for medication abortion and EPL management. Both can be safely and effectively offered in primary care settings. Despite mifepristone’s excellent safety record, the FDA heavily regulates provision. We found that FDA regulations do inhibit mifepristone provision in primary care, creating structural barriers centering on logistical difficulties and resistance from health center leadership. Clinicians believed that lack of mifepristone in primary care resulted in negative patient experiences, including disrupted continuity of care, medically-unnecessary appointments, and undesired aspiration procedures. 


Srinivasulu S, Yavari R, Brubaker L, Riker L, Prine L, Rubin SE. US clinicians’ perspectives on how mifepristone regulations affect access to medication abortion and early pregnancy loss care in primary care. Contraception. 2021 Apr 25:S0010-7824(21)00133-5. doi: 10.1016/j.contraception.2021.04.017

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