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Contraceptive Pearls: Introducing the Drospirenone Progestin-Only Pill

Some people who prefer birth control pills can’t use estrogen. Drospirenone is a new progestin-only pill (POP) that differs from the other available POP in some key ways.

Until recently in the United States, the only available POP was norethindrone. Due to its short half-life, the norethindrone POP should be taken at nearly the same time every day.

The drospirenone POP has a longer half-life than the norethindrone POP. This newer option may cause less breakthrough bleeding. It also has more flexible dosing, with a 24-hour missed pill window, similar to that of combined oral contraceptive pills. Drospirenone’s anti-androgenic effects may appeal to some patients and bother others. Drospirenone also has anti-mineralocorticoid effects that may cause slight decreases in blood pressure in some people. While Drospirenone rarely causes hyperkalemia, the FDA recommends checking potassium levels for patients taking other medications that can raise potassium.



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