Insights: Telehealth Provision of Medication Abortion: Facilitating Access Across Geographies

Written by Anna Fiastro and Emily Godfrey

Due in part to increasing abortion bans, pregnancy-related deaths have significantly increased in the U.S. recently.1,2 As a result, the life-saving potential and widely needed provision of medication abortion through telehealth has never been greater. Telehealth medication abortion (teleMAB) consists of a telehealth consultation – either a synchronous meeting by phone or video or an asynchronous conversation via text or email – followed by a prescription of abortion pills without requiring a clinic visit.3 TeleMAB can reach more geographically diverse patient populations – saving time and resources for in-clinic care.4 TeleMAB allows a single primary care clinician to serve not only their own clinic patients, but patients throughout an entire state, and even patients in other states where licensed.5 In states where abortion is banned or restricted, teleMAB options can be available, but the legal risks for patients and providers are great. Other teleMAB advantages include:

  • Efficiency, with telehealth appointments taking less time for clinicians and staff.3
  • Reduced delays in care, as those who receive care via telehealth are seen sooner and at earlier gestational ages compared to patients seen in the clinic.6
  • Supporting patients in exercising control, autonomy, and flexibility.7
  • Improving patient-centered communication, with patients being able to choose the setting where they have their consultation.8

TeleMAB fits within the scope of primary care practice. It is feasible to implement, especially if the primary care clinic is already providing telehealth for other medical issues and has a clinic champion who spearheads the effort.4 With a history screening tool, primary care clinicians can safely provide MAB via telehealth without the need for patients to undergo clinical laboratory or ultrasound tests.9 Once implemented, teleMAB fits well into the clinic workflow. Primary care practices using face-to-face synchronous video visits require 10-30 min of clinician time, and asynchronous email exchanges take only 2-5 minutes.3 U.S. FDA, regulations make it possible for primary care clinicians to mail mifepristone directly to patients or prescribe it through mail-order and/or retail pharmacies (Update: FDA’s Decision on Mifepristone REMS, Update on the Status of Medication Abortion and the Courts).10-12 Alternatively, in clinics where mifepristone is unavailable, teleMAB using misoprostol only is an acceptable option. Learn more about how to implement teleMAB in the Access, Delivered Provider Toolkit.4

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