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Contraceptive Pearl: Contraception and Bariatric Surgery

This Contraceptive Pearl reviews considerations for contraceptives with patients post bariatric surgery. As the number of bariatric surgical procedures among reproductive-aged women increases, contraceptive counseling before surgery rises in importance.

Contraceptive Pearl: Emergency Contraception Awareness

Even though progestin emergency contraception (EC) is now available over the counter, health care providers continue to play an important educational role. This Contraceptive Pearl covers three types of EC and their risks and benefits.

Contraceptive Pearl: Dual Method Protection

Using condoms along with the pill, patch, or ring reduces the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI). This Contraceptive Pearl covers dual method protection.

Contraceptive Pearl: Non-Latex Condoms

Male condoms are one of the most inexpensive and easily accessible forms of contraception. Most condoms are made of latex. However, about 6% of the U.S population has a latex allergy. This Contraceptive Pearl discusses non-latex condoms.

Contraceptive Pearl: Hormonal Contraceptives and Blood Pressure

Hormonal contraceptives’ effect on blood pressure depends on the type of synthetic estrogen/progestin and hormone dosage. This Contraceptive Pearl covers the risks of hormonal contraception and how to best establish medical eligibility for initiating hormonal contraception.

Contraceptive Pearls

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