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Contraceptive Pearl: Diabetes and Contraception Use

Unplanned pregnancy among women with diabetes mellitus poses serious risks to both the mother and the fetus. Contraception is a critical and often over looked component of diabetes management. The Contraceptive Pearl covers contraceptive options for women with diabetes.

Contraceptive Pearl: Post-Abortion Contraception

Women may ovulate soon after an abortion. Many patients presenting for pregnancy termination are dissatisfied with their current contraceptive method and open to making a change. This Contraceptive Pearl covers post-abortion contraceptive options.

Contraceptive Pearl: Breastfeeding and Birth Control

After pregnancy, breastfeeding can work in conjunction with birth control, or even on its own as birth control. Learn more about the intersection between breastfeeding and birth control in this Contraceptive Pearl.

Contraceptive Pearls

This monthly clinical e-newsletter highlights evidence-based best practices for contraceptive care

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