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Contraceptive Pearl: Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods, also known as Fertility Awareness, help women track their fertile and non-fertile days. This Contraceptive Pearl discusses Natural Planning Methods, their efficacy and important considerations.

Contraceptive Pearl: Contraceptive Care for LGBT Patients

All patients deserve to be treated with the highest level of respect. When a patient is a member of the LGBT community, health care providers should take care to use the correct language so that the patient feels most comfortable.

Contraceptive Pearl: Estrogen Contraindications

The birth control pill, patch and ring contain estrogen and progestin. Of those two hormones, estrogen carries more risk – especially to the cardiovascular system. This Contraceptive Pearl covers which women shouldn’t take estrogen.

Contraceptive Pearl: IUD Duration

IUDs are a great type of long-lasting contraception, and each type of IUD lasts for a different amount of time. Find out the duration of different kinds of IUDs in this Contraceptive Pearl.

Contraceptive Pearl: Emergency Contraception Awareness

Even though progestin emergency contraception (EC) is now available over the counter, health care providers continue to play an important educational role. This Contraceptive Pearl covers three types of EC and their risks and benefits.

Contraceptive Pearl: Postpartum IUD

The intrauterine device (IUD) is an excellent postpartum contraceptive method. Right after childbirth, women are certain that they are not pregnant, they are highly motivated to use contraception and they appreciate avoiding extra visits to the pharmacy or clinician’s office. This Contraceptive Pearl covers postpartum IUD insertion.