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Contraceptive Pearl: Postpartum IUD

The intrauterine device (IUD) is an excellent postpartum contraceptive method. Right after childbirth, women are certain that they are not pregnant, they are highly motivated to use contraception and they appreciate avoiding extra visits to the pharmacy or clinician’s office. This Contraceptive Pearl covers postpartum IUD insertion.

Contraceptive Pearl: Breastfeeding and Birth Control

After pregnancy, breastfeeding can work in conjunction with birth control, or even on its own as birth control. Learn more about the intersection between breastfeeding and birth control in this Contraceptive Pearl.

Contraceptive Pearl: Post-Abortion Contraception

Women may ovulate soon after an abortion. Many patients presenting for pregnancy termination are dissatisfied with their current contraceptive method and open to making a change. This Contraceptive Pearl covers post-abortion contraceptive options.

Contraceptive Pearl: the Patch, Deep Vein Thrombosis and Communicating Risk to Patients

Studies of the contraceptive patch and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) have yielded conflicting results. In 2006, two trials found a higher incidence of nonfatal blood clots among women using the patch than among women taking oral contraceptives, while a third study found no significant difference. How can we frame this discussion so that we communicate honestly without alarming patients?

Contraceptive Pearl: Contraception After 40

Many women stop using contraception after age 40 because they believe they can’t get pregnant. However, infertility rates for women over 40 are lower than many might expect: about 17% at age 40, 55% at age 45 and 95% at age 50. This Contraceptive Pearl covers this issues around choosing birth control after 40.

Contraceptive Pearl: Minimizing Gaps in Contraceptive Coverage

Many unintended pregnancies happen during a gap between contraceptive methods – that is, at a time when women have stopped one method (due to cost, side effects, a negative newspaper article, a new prescription plan, etc.) without starting a new method.

Contraceptive Pearl: Dual Method Protection

Using condoms along with the pill, patch, or ring reduces the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI). This Contraceptive Pearl covers dual method protection.