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Innovations in Reproductive Health During COVID-19
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This presentation covers strategies that can be employed to safely provide reproductive health care during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage facilitators of this presentation to edit the contents as they see fit, depending on what seems most appropriate in your individual context.

Anita’s Miscarriage Zine
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Anita’s Miscarriage: A Story of Early Pregnancy Loss is a zine that follows one couple’s experience with an early pregnancy loss. This evidence-based resource explains the treatment options a person can access when experiencing an early pregnancy loss. We have included a file to view online as well as a file you can print out…

Evaluation of the Miscarriage Care Initiative: A Program to Integrate Comprehensive Early Pregnancy Loss Management in Primary Care Settings

Srinivasulu S, Riker L, Maldonado L, Breitbart V. Evaluation of the miscarriage care initiative: a program to integrate comprehensive early pregnancy loss management in primary care settings. Fam Med. 2020;52(10):707-715. DOI: 10.22454/FamMed.2020.130959.    Managing early pregnancy loss (EPL) with expectant, medication, and manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) management in primary care is safe, effective, and acceptable, yet,…