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Looking for a way to get more involved in a cause you care about? Become a volunteer with the Reproductive Health Access Project! Fill out our online volunteer form and we will contact you when we have volunteer opportunities available.


Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with the Reproductive Health Access Project! Check out the opportunities that are available for the first quarter of 2017!

  • Help RHAP Boost Our SEO Presence: Our Operations Associate, Naomi is working on a project to increase traffic on our website and store through organic search engine results. We are looking for a volunteer who is well versed in search engine optimization (SEO) education and management to help Naomi figure out the best ways to go about driving traffic to our site and utilizing Google Ads to the best of our ability.  Sign up!
  • Graphic Designers Needed: We are looking for a graphic designer to create savvy content to increase our social media appeal, and utilize for our newsletters and mailings. Help us create templates like PowerPoint slides, gifs, info graphics, images, thank you cards, and more! Sign up!
  • Abortion Provider Appreciation Day: This March is Abortion Provider Appreciation Month. Help us tell them how much we appreciate their commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to the health care they need and that we will always support them. There is no better way to thank someone than sending them a warm, handwritten note. Join us at our postcard making party on March 2nd from 6-9pm. We’ll have food and refreshments! One the fabulous cards are made, we’ll mail them to abortion providers all over the country. Want to join us? Sign up!
    • If you’d like to help support the gathering but are unable to attend, or, if you’d like to help us cover the cost of materials, donate now!
    • Are you artistic? Would you like to design a fun postcard that we can all use at the party? Email Rosanna at
  • Spring Appeal: During the Spring, the RHAP team reaches out to our supporters to give them an opportunity to make a 100% tax-deductible gift in support of our expanding work. Part of this campaign is a letter mailed to nearly 800 of our supporters. We would like your help with this mailing! If you have time to give in April, and want to hang out with a group of fun people, we’ll email you once the dates have been confirmed. I hope you can make it! Sign up!
  • Contraceptive Pearls: Every month, the Reproductive Health Access Project publishes Contraceptive Pearls – a resource aimed at providing practical clinical tips designed to improve contraceptive care. They help clinicians keep up with the latest evidence-based research in contraception and provide excellent and reliable birth control to their patients. Our clinical education team always needs help researching and drafting new topics for the Contraceptive Pearls. If you are interested in this writing opportunity, feel free to sign up!

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