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Facebook official logoOur Facebook Like campaign just wrapped up – and it was a huge success! A generous donor pledged $1 for every new Like (up to 1,000) we received from February 6th through Valentines Day.

We started the week with 789 Likes, and even though 1,789 would have been enough for the full donation, we decided to be bold and set our goal to be the nice, round number of 2,000 total Likes by the end of the campaign. Well, believe it or not, turns out Facebook users really do “like” the idea of access to health for women of every socioeconomic status. We exceeded our goal with a grand total of 2,027 total Likes, gaining 1,238 supporters in only 9 days – that’s more than a 250% growth! RHAP not only received a wonderful $1,000 donation, but we also more than doubled our Facebook supporter network, so even more people will be aware of reproductive health issues and how RHAP takes action towards improving these issues every day.Throughout the campaign, we shared some of RHAP’s recent accomplishments and ongoing work to convince Facebook users that their $1 will be well spent. We highlighted our development of the Falencki Fellowship, the NYU Women’s Health Free Clinic, and our patient-education materials available in several languages, just to name a few.

We couldn’t have made our goal without the amazing support from our pre-existing AND brand spankin’ new Facebook fans throughout the campaign and are excited about leveraging the influence we have on our (majorly) expanded social network to further our cause. And a special thank you to the organizations that posted about our campaign: National Network of Abortion Funds, Nursing Students for Choice, Midwest Health Center for Women, and the Institute for Family Health – Family Medicine Residency. We are grateful to have such smart and important allies supporting our collective efforts towards increasing reproductive health access.

And if you missed the campaign, it’s not too late to Like us! Even though the dollar incentive is gone, your Facebook support is important to our organization, and we want to keep you informed about our work.

Hope you had a great Valentines Day! We definitely did.

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