Celebrating the Rashbaum-Tiller Awards


Margaret Kini, Linda Prine and Susan Yanow

Last night Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health hosted their annual Rashbaum-Tiller Abortion Provider Awards.  The Reproductive Health Access Project came out in full force to celebrate.

Can you blame us for being so excited?

Linda Prine our Medical Director and one of our organization’s founders, received the William K. Rashbaum, MD Abortion Provider Award which honors a physician who provides outstanding abortion services and serves as an inspiration for colleagues, residents and medical students.   What makes this award truly so special is that Linda’s residents, past and present, nominated her.

We’ve known Margaret Kini for years, first connecting with her when she was a resident in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and then working closely together when she moved to Texas.  Margaret received the George Tiller, MD Abortion Provider Award which is given to a physician early in their career who demonstrates great courage and leadership.

In their acceptance remarks Linda and Margaret, each in their own unique way, highlighted the challenges, joys and impact of providing abortion care within mainstream medicine. You can read Linda’s speech here and Margaret’s here.

PS:  We took lots of pictures.   The press was there too; read their take on the event here and here.

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