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GG and Megan at a RHAP event this fall

Name: Gabrielle deFiebre, but I go by GG.

Hails from: New York, NY

Why are you passionate about reproductive health? When I first started classes for my master’s of Public Health at Hunter College, I was introduced to the concept of health disparities and how access to quality care is often determined by income or resources. It shocked me how stark these contrasts are across all health care services, but especially for reproductive services and access to abortion. As a woman, I know that access to these services is extremely important so that women can have control over their lives and their futures.

Life after RHAP? I have one more semester before I finish my degree and get my MPH. My focus has been on Community Health Education, especially women’s health. After that I hope to work doing research within the field of women’s health.

Any fun winter plans? I plan on hanging out with my friends, hopefully indoors to escape from the cold!


Name: Megan Corbett

Hails from: Orcas Island, WA

Why are you passionate about reproductive health? I am passionate because I believe there are few sectors in healthcare where the benefits of high quality care are as far-reaching as they are in reproductive healthcare. Therefore, I think that promoting access to evidence-based, comprehensive reproductive healthcare is advantageous to health and well being of all men, women, and children.

Life after RHAP: I recently graduated from nursing school so I would like to work as an RN in women’s health. In a few years I plan to pursue a masters in either midwifery or as a women’s health nurse practitioner.

Any fun winter plans? I’ve always wanted to go ice skating in Central Park. However, I’ve only skated once before so I hope people are quick to get out of the way!

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