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Spotlight on a Donor: Betsy Kenney and Alise Morales


2015_07_newsletter_betsy_3This spring comedians Betsy Kenney and Alise Morales hosted a comedy show in New York City to benefit RHAP. Over 200 people attended their event, “Sex with Betsy and Alise” and they raised $380 dollars in one night! We caught up with Betsy and Alise to find out what inspired them to host the show.

“Both of us do comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade and we met through mutual friends,” Alise explained. “We’ve hosted shows by ourselves but we’d never worked together.” They decided they wanted to do a show that was sex-positive and highlighted reproductive health. As Betsy put it, “It’s one of the biggest things we have to fight. Reproductive rights are under attack across the country, women are losing access. It’s important to talk about it now before it’s too late.”

We asked them why they chose to donate their proceeds to the Reproductive Health Access Project. Alise explained, “I had done an event for RHAP with my friends Buzz Off Lucille last year. I really like that you guys work on all three issues – abortion, birth control, and miscarriage. I know women in my family who had to go through miscarriage in silence. I feel like it’s a hidden part of the female experience and women are expected not to talk about it.” Betsy added, “Giving money towards something like RHAP and knowing where it’s going is great. You know you are helping train people in things like abortion and miscarriage. It feels good knowing one person can help give and that we are all going to benefit from it.”

We appreciate Betsy and Alise’s generous support of RHAP so much and encourage you to learn more about these hilarious women. Betsy is currently performing at Harold Night at the Upright Citizens Brigadeand Alise has a feature out on IFC’s Comedy Crib called Horrible Insane Girl.

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