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Physician Matching Project expands into C3: Creating a Clinician Corps


In many parts of the country there is a serious shortage of abortion providers. In recognition of this unequal distribution of abortion providers, the Reproductive Health Access Project joined with ANSIRH in 2012 to create the Physician Matching Project.

The goal of this project was to match physicians who are trained in abortion care and are willing to travel out of state with clinics that need a physician for a few days a month, for occasional fill-in, or to train other doctors to go to later gestational ages. During the project’s four years we matched more than 20 physicians to clinics in Alabama, California, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Texas.

Based on our initial success and the desire to further expand our capacity to bring clinicians to areas where they are needed, the Physician Matching Project is now being rolled into an independent, more comprehensive initiative called Creating a Clinician Corps (C3). This new initiative merges the Physician Matching Project with a similar Planned Parenthood effort to match trained clinicians to sites in need. By merging forces, we are creating a stronger, more unified and coordinated approach to meeting the needs of women and clinics across the country. RHAP is proud to have been the initial home for this project.

If you are interested in traveling to provide abortion care, or are a health center in search of a trained abortion provider, please email the Creating a Clinician Corps.

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