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Olivia Breidenthal reached out to RHAP on December 19th with a hilariously exciting idea after reading Jezebel’s list of organizations to support after the election. EV2 is the comedy show in Chicago produced by Olivia, and she wanted to donate her time and half of the ticket sales revenue from the show!

“After the recent presidential election, I created a Facebook page called Chicago Grabs Back. On this page, members can post resources that make everyone feel empowered and capable to make change. One of these resources was a list of organizations that would need financial attention in the coming years. RHAP was on the list, so I did research into the organization and I was moved by how thoughtful the cause is. RHAP addresses the issue at the ROOT of reproductive health care, and that stood out to me.”

Olivia is fourth year undergraduate student at DePaul University School of Music. She’ll be graduating in June and will be attending graduate school at Bard College’s Longy School of Music MAT program in Los Angeles. She studies violin performance but also has a love for comedy– particularly writing and improv. Her primary job is teaching music, which is what she aspires to do for the rest her life.

“I love RHAP and its cause because of how focused it is on addressing the issue at hand. Yes, reproductive health needs to be legal and available, but what good is it if only a few can afford the costs? Class discrimination in health care is unacceptable and the Reproductive Health Access Project is working to eradicate it by making health care financially accessible. I’m currently supporting RHAP by producing a show that focuses on raising awareness about the organization. 50% of the show’s proceeds go to the organization. By May 22, we will have produced three of these shows. If people cannot attend, we encourage them to donate to the cause anyway.”

“I want to be involved with reproductive health because it directly involves me and every woman I know. There is not a person who is not affected by reproductive health in their lives at some point. I do not want politicians to be able to thwart something crucial to the welfare of women just because they do not feel it is important to them.”

Thank you Olivia for using your talent to showcase the need to make reproductive health accessible to all.

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