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International Safe Abortion Day: September 28


On September 28th RHAP is joining forces with more than 1,200 organizations worldwide to organize actions in support of the right to safe abortion. This international day of action is built around four principles:  1) access to safe and legal abortion is a human right; 2) human rights need to be respected, protected, and fulfilled; 3) no one’s health or life should be at risk because abortion services are not available; and 4) abortion should not be restricted, prohibited, or criminalized.

RHAP’s work is centered around fulfilling these 4 principles.  To mark international safe abortion day in the United States, RHAP will be asking you to join us in letting our state and federal officials know what still needs to be done in the United States to ensure that everyone, everywhere is able to access abortion safely and with respect.

Mark your calendars, follow us on social media and raise your voice on September 28th!

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