RHAP Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!


September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month; a time that celebrates the contributions and achievements that Latinx and Hispanic Americans have contributed to American heritage through pop culture, politics, education amongst a variety of other areas of our society.

Latinx communities have been fighting alongside other communities of color throughout the history of the reproductive justice movement, highlighting injustices that have been committed such as forced sterilization and eugenics programming against Puerto Ricans and Mexicans and anti-immigrant discrimination. The most vulnerable of this community still face the backlash of these harsh legal restrictions such as a lack of access of sexual health education, access to reproductive health services and contraception through barriers that have been institutionalized purposefully, to control their reproductive freedoms and basic human rights.

Throughout the next five weeks, the Reproductive Health Access Project will be posting blogs on our social media and website that illustrate trailblazing Hispanics and how they play a part in the history of reproductive health and justice. We will be looking at how they combat institutionalized racism, systemic oppression and how they lent their voices in order to uplift their communities for the right to access basic health care.

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