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Three Brand-New Patient Education Sheets are now Available!


Last month, we announced that 33 of RHAP’s patient education materials were fully translated and made available on our website in Vietnamese. We’re excited to share that these materials are now officially available in Hindi as well. In addition to Hindi, the bulk of our patient education sheets are now available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese!

RHAP has also been working hard on three brand-new patient education sheets this summer. Our Research Fellow, Dr. Cynthia Calixte, worked with us to write, field-test, and finalize the following new resources:


  1. New Miscarriage Fact Sheet: Last year, we developed fact sheets covering the three different types of treatment for early pregnancy loss- expectant, medication, and procedure. While patients responded positively to these fact sheets, we found that for those experiencing an early pregnancy loss for the first time, having to choose a treatment option before fully understanding what is going on can be overwhelming. As such, “What is a Miscarriage?” presents patients with an overview of early pregnancy loss and answers common questions.
  2. Depo-Provera Sub-Q User Guide: Depo-Provera, or “the shot” is a progestin birth control method that requires users to receive a shot every 12 weeks in order to prevent pregnancy for three months. While this method does reduce the frequency of renewing your prescription, it can be difficult to visit your clinician every three months. Thanks to the new Depo-Provera Sub-Q, patients are now able to receive a year’s worth of shots that are easy to self-administer at home, thereby reducing the number of office visits and increasing accessibility. We worked hard to create a User Guide that clearly illustrates how patients can self-administer the shot- check it out here.
  3. Progestin-Only Birth Control Sheet: Some people prefer to take hormonal birth control without estrogen, so this fact sheet highlights the progestin-only options that are available.

As always, RHAP aims to develop patient education materials and clinical tools that are comprehensive, easy to read, and accessible for all audiences. Our materials are rigorously field-tested with both clinicians and patients, and our edits are informed by user feedback.  They are all available on our website for free download, or purchase hard copies for your home, school, and clinic in our store.

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