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Supporting Families Experiencing Pregnancy Loss


How can I tell if I’m having a miscarriage? Can I stop it from happening?  How soon can I try again?  What did I do wrong? What are my options for treatment?

At least 1 in 5 pregnancies ends is miscarriage. There is so much clinicians can do to support and comfort their patients and families who are experiencing pregnancy loss. Providing answers to basic questions is a great place to start. The Reproductive Health Access Project has a variety of patient information materials that help clinicians answer the questions most important to their patients.  What is a miscarriagewhat are my treatment options, and in-depth information on each of the early pregnancy loss treatment options are available online for free in multiple languages.

Through our Miscarriage Care Initiative, RHAP is helping community-based health care organizations provide their patients with comprehensive patient-centered treatment of early pregnancy loss.  This fall the MCI added a new site: the Community East Family Medicine Residency Program, in Indianapolis, Indiana.  RHAP is working with Dr. Casandra Cashman, the assistant director at Residency program, to integrate comprehensive management of early pregnancy loss into the residency’s educational curricula and its primary care practice settings, both at the hospital and affiliated community health care clinics.  Not only will we be expanding miscarriage treatment options for families in Indianapolis, but we will also be training future primary care clinicians in providing comprehensive miscarriage care for years to come.

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