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Did you know that one in five pregnancies ends in a miscarriage? Six percent of family physicians (and even fewer nurse practitioners and physician assistants) learn the skills to comprehensively manage early pregnancy loss—despite the fact that millions of people in the United States get their pregnancy care from primary care providers. Our Miscarriage Care Initiative gives patients a voice in their care decisions during a time when they feel decisions have been made for them. We teach clinicians to offer and provide all the options in a gentle and patient-centered way. 

“Before RHAP’s Miscarriage Care Initiative, if you had a miscarriage in Butte, Montana, you were not offered all your options. In general, you were either referred to the hospital for surgery or asked to wait. Your choices depended on the culture of the institution, not on the real choices available.”– Serena Brewer, MD, Butte

Studies have shown that women who are able to select their treatment option fare better emotionally after miscarriage than those left out of the decision-making process.

Help us support other clinicians like Dr. Serena Brewer who want to provide comprehensive reproductive health care in their community.

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