Spotlight on a Donor: Mateo Nava


Mateo Nava is an artist, volunteer and donor. His work is invested in conflating, juxtaposing, and contrasting religious and fictional narratives pertaining to the colonial history of Mexico. Like many of us, Mateo learned about Reproductive Health Access Project through an ally. His ally just happens to be RHAP’s very own Program Associate, Natalie Kopke.

“Recently, people have become more vocal about their support for mainstream reproductive justice organizations. That is definitely inspiring. But at the same time, we have to be realistic and look at the numbers. If a single organization controls most abortion clinics in this country and that organization is being actively targeted by this administration, we have to build a scaffolding around reproductive care in this country. And this is precisely what RHAP does.”

Mateo tells us he had a very religious upbringing which prevented him from learning early in life about the need to protect women’s right to choose. “I owe all of my knowledge on this topic to Natalie, whose dedication to this work is a daily inspiration and always humbling. I am still learning every day.”

This past October Mateo generously donated an art piece to auction and raise funds at RHAP’s 10th anniversary of the Reproductive Health Care and Advocacy Fellowship event. “I think it’s great that RHAP is inviting people from completely different backgrounds (such as art) to participate in the Repro movement and help through their own work in a different discipline.”

Mateo hopes to continue being a supporter through his art work. He tells us “mainstream reproductive justice organizations are under severe attack from politicians that neglect the need for access to abortion or even preventive care. I find that RHAP’s efforts to train abortion and thus disseminate access to abortion is helping reinforce reproductive care in this country. This, to me, is such a unique and powerful way to push against the threat of this administration. I am motivated to be involved by people with immense character, intellect, and commitment to this cause, whether it is my partner, her friends, the inspiring individuals that she tells me about, or the RHAP team.”

There are many ways to get involved with RHAP. If you have a special skill, interesting idea, or just the desire to volunteer, please check out our volunteer opportunities. If you don’t see anything there that applies to you, email us. “It’s easy to forget about certain issues; we either rule them out or remain indifferent, thinking they don’t directly affect us. Let’s be listeners, allies, and supporters.” In your unique way, you can help us expand access to abortion, contraception, and miscarriage care to those who need it most.

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